, USA), resulting in a group of recombinant plasmids The E coli

, USA), resulting in a group of recombinant plasmids. The E. coli TB1 cells

with the recombinant plasmids were induced by IPTG up to 0.5 mM to produce recombinant MBP-fusion polypeptides, then identified the serial of polypeptides expression by WB using anti-MBP-tag mAb (New England Biolabs, Inc., USA). WB was performed as described above. Table 1 Oligonucleotide primers used to assemble short DNA fragments coding for wild-type and truncated epitope sequences Designations of primers Sequences of primers Sequences of coded peptides (designations) Cp-1-F 5′-AATTCctcaccgccaccacggaaaaaTAAG-3′ LTATTEK (Cp-1) Cp-1-R 5′-TCGACTTAtttttccgtggtggcggtgagG-3′   Cp-2-F https://www.selleckchem.com/products/Trichostatin-A.html 5′-AATTCaccgccaccacggaaaaaTAAG-3′ TATTEK (Cp-2) Cp-2-R 5′-TCGACTTAtttttccgtggtggcggtG-3′   Cp-3-F 5′-AATTCctcaccgccaccacggaaTAAG-3′ LTATTE (Cp-3) Cp-3-R 5′-TCGACTTAttccgtggtggcggtgagG-3′   Cp-4-F 5′-AATTCgccaccacggaaaaaTAAG-3′ ATTEK (Cp-4) Cp-4-R 5′-TCGACTTAtttttccgtggtggcG-3′   Cp-5-F 5′-AATTCctcaccgccaccacgTAAG-3′ LTATT (Cp-5) Cp-5-R 5′-TCGACTTAcgtggtggcggtgagG-3′   Dp-1-F 5′-AATTCgtggttgatggtccggagaccaaggaatgtTAAG-3′ VVselleck chemicals DGPETKEC MK-8776 ic50 (Dp-1) Dp-1-R 5′-TCGACTTAacattccttggtctccggaccatcaaccacG-3′

  Dp-2-F 5′-AATTCgttgatggtccggagaccaaggaatgtTAAG-3′ VDGPETKEC (Dp-2) Dp-2-R 5′-TCGACTTAacattccttggtctccggaccatcaacG-3′   Dp-3-F 5′-AATTCgtggttgatggtccggagaccaaggaaTAAG-3′ VVDGPETKE

(Dp-3) Dp-3-R 5′-TCGACTTAttccttggtctccggaccatcaaccacG-3′   Dp-4-F 5′-AATTCgatggtccggagaccaaggaatgtTAAG-3′ DGPETKEC (Dp-4) Dp-4-R 5′-TCGACTTAacattccttggtctccggaccatcG-3′   Dp-5-F 5′-AATTCgtggttgatggtccggagaccaagTAAG-3′ VVDGPETK (Dp-5) Dp-5-R 5′-TCGACTTActtggtctccggaccatcaaccacG-3′   Dp-6-F 5′-AATTCggtccggagaccaaggaatgtTAAG-3′ GPETKEC (Dp-6) Dp-6-R 5′-TCGACTTAacattccttggtctccggaccG-3′   Dp-7-F 5′-AATTCgtggttgatggtccggagaccTAAG-3′ VVDGPET (Dp-7) Dp-7-R 5′-TCGACTTAggtctccggaccatcaaccacG-3′ Avelestat (AZD9668)   Notes: Nucleotides introduced to form the overhanging ends of EcoR I and Sal I, and the TAA stop codon are shown in italic letters. Detection of the reactivity of the epitopes with WNV/JEV-positive equine serum To verify whether the epitopes could be detected by WNV/JEV-positive serum, the polypeptides MBP-Cp-2 (MBP fusion containing peptide of Cp-2) and MBP-Dp-1 (MBP fusion containing peptide of Dp-1) were subjected to reaction with WNV/JEV-positive equine serum by WB. WB was performed as described above, but the primary antibody was WNV/JEV-positive equine serum and HRP-conjugated rabbit anti-equine secondary antibodies (LICOR Biosciences) were used [47]. The same test was also performed using WNV-negative equine serum.

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