With endo distraction devices like Mondeal? and Krenkel?, this pr

With endo distraction devices like Mondeal? and Krenkel?, this problem can be avoided and in some distraction devices, www.selleckchem.com/products/Vorinostat-saha.html this problem is readily solved because the threaded rod can be cut without affecting its function.16 However, in our distractor, we did not have this choice. The appliance was made of acrylic and covered with soft relining material to prevent any irritation to oral mucosa. However, in some patients who have atrophied mandibles which the nerve is situated on top of the mandible, use of the appliance can be contraindicated due to the high pressure of the extensions to posterior mandible. Other possible complications of the appliance are salivary problems like hyper-salivation or xerostomia, as in the devices used in cases of snore and sleep apnea, but we did not encounter such problems in our case.

In this study, we developed a simple and comfortable appliance to manage these complications. Although we did not experience any TMJ problems, the possibility of this complication should also be kept in mind and TMJ examinations performed in control visits.
Acrylic resins are widely used in dentistry. Prediction of the service life of acrylic resin material is difficult since many environmental factors affect durability. One of the properties of acrylic resins is water sorption and release, which causes dimensional instability, thereby subjecting the material to internal stresses that may result in crack formation and, eventually, fractures of the denture.

1,2 Because water interacts with the polymer chains, it may produce some effects such as reversible loosening or effective plasticization of the structure, solvation or reversible rupture of weak interchain bonds, and irreversible disruption of the polymer matrix. Therefore, the water sorption and solubility are the critical problems that affects durability.3 Takahashi et al4 found that water molecules spread between the macromolecules of the material, forcing them apart. This behavior affects dimensional behavior and denture stability; therefore, water sorption and solubility of these materials should be as low as possible.5 Many studies on the water sorption of denture resin have been conducted, and concluded that sorbed water would cause the decrease of mechanical properties.2, 6�C10 Ideally, polymer networks should be insoluble materials with relatively high chemical and thermal stability.

However, most of the monomers used in dental resin materials can absorb water and chemicals from the environment, and also release components into the surrounding environment. Both water sorption and solubility would lead to a variety of chemical and physical processes that may result in deleterious effects on the structure and function of dental polymers.11 Anacetrapib Denture base acrylic resins have low solubility, and the little that occurs is a result of the leaching out of traces of unreacted monomer and water-soluble additives into the oral fluids.

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